Justice for Tiago

Tiago – Formal Letter

Dear friends,

Some already know that Tiago was, along with his wife and two sons (Tomas, 9 years and Mathias, 8 years old) arrested in Dili, East Timor, on October 18th 2014, under no formal charges, not even an explanation of what was going on. Nothing.

His wife, Fong Fong Guerra, and their two children were released eight hours later without documents (including health cards), phones and other belongings.

Tiago is in Becora prison in Dili and Fong Fong is forbidden to leave the country with a Statement of Identity and Residence.

The two children are now living with their paternal grandparents in Portugal where they attend school.

Until now no formal complaint has been charged and Tiago is stuck in a cell with other prisoners in weak hygiene conditions (no running water, no bed or even a mattress).

This detention under no charges can continue for years and the Timorese law, with all its fragility in this very young country, allows this to happen.

Advised by lawyers and believing in justice and that everything would be resolved briefly, as Tiago has not committed any crime, nothing was done to make the public aware that this cause has become Humanitarian.

After nearly five months we realize that nothing has changed and that if nothing is done, Tiago will remain imprisoned indefinitely, forgotten, innocent, and his wife, Fong Fong, unable to leave the country. The children really feel the absence of their parents and yearn for both to return home.

We need your help. All the help we can get to FREE Tiago, who was imprisoned 5 months ago in East Timor and, until today, has not been formally charged of any crime.

Please follow the link above ( Tiago – Formal Letter) and use the standard letter to write your own, helping us create awareness. We believe this is the only way to end this injustice. Help us FREE Tiago!

This man has a right to JUSTICE! This father and mother have the right to see their children grow. Their children have the right to happy memories with their parents. This man has a right to have his brilliant professional career back and be reunited with his family!

We have the chance to help.

We wish to reach the authorities through these letters in regards to the injustice that is being made and we have an expectation that Timorese law be efficient, adequate and fast leading to a happy ending of this case.

Once you have written your letter please send it, as an attachment, to the following e-mails:

And a copy to us justicefortiago@gmail.com so we can make sure your voice is being heard!

Tiago’s family is deeply grateful

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